New Novel: Bottom Line by Marc Davis
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Partial List of Medical Articles:
Acid Reflux
Alzheimer's Disease
Ambulatory Surgical Centers
Ankle Implants
Anti-Smoking Campaign
Artificial Joints
Cardiovascular Problems
Color Blindness
Depression and Suicide
Erectile Dysfunction
Fungal Infections
Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids
Heart Disease, High Cholesterol
Holistic Medicine
Joint Replacement
Male Fertility
Female Fertility
Medical Marijuana
Meningitis Misdiagnosis
Near-Death Experience
The No-Headache Migraine
Post-Partum Depression
Root Canal Procedures
Senior Health, Stroke
Surgery: Brain Tumor
Surgery: Bypass
Surgery: Global Positioning System
Surgery: Laparoscopic
Surgery: Robotic
Treatment Modalities
Vitamin Efficacy
Weight Loss