New Novel: Bottom Line by Marc Davis
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Bottom Line
By Marc Davis
The dark sides of business and human nature in a highly-praised, fast-moving novel by a veteran financial and business journalist.

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By John Kador (
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Sometimes financial thrillers throw more light on the ways of business than any number of titles sitting on the business shelf. In BOTTOM LINE, Nick Blake, number two at a Chicago consulting firm modeled on the old Arthur Andersen, lives high on the hog while cutting and slicing companies during the recession of 2001. When number one is indicted for insider trader and becomes a fugitive, Blake becomes CEO of the troubled company and turns detective to track down his former boss and the $10 million of his own money that his former boss stole. Interspersed with the details of life at the top, Davis offers memorable descriptions of how business deals work, how markets operate, and why regulators are always 10 steps behind accounting engineers. Key Takeaway: “Let me tell you something about accounting. There are three fat volumes of generally accepted accounting principles. Over 4,500 pages of rules, regulations, nitpicking, head-splitting guidelines on how to book a dollar of revenue or expense. How to handle payables, receivables, debt, depreciation, off-the-books ventures, all the rest of it. Can you understand how honest accountants can disagree?”

"Marc Davis has waded into the corporate cosmos and made it understandable, intriguing and fast-paced. I loved this story -- half corporate insider story, half private eye yarn, full on entertainment. I read it start to finish in one sitting."
--- Michael Connelly, Best-Selling author of the Harry Bosch series.

"A smartly structured financial thriller."
--- Publishers Weekly

BOTTOM LINE - A Novel By Marc Davis
"Marc Davis is a fine writer, and I say that not only because he was once a newspaperman. I say it because he can write sentences such as these from his new novel: "In the early afternoon, I saw an image of a solitary firefighter on the screen, a monochromatic, ash-gray figure sitting on the running board of a fire truck. He sat slumped, bent over, his body seemingly weighed down by the burden of what he had seen and done, his face carved with ravines of exhaustion, grief and mourning." He calls his novel a "business noir," and the shenanigans are serious and so plain-spokenly detailed that even those of us who can't balance a checkbook will be swept up in the action. Financial crimes may not be as bloody as street gang warfare, but the thugs in the boardrooms are a nasty bunch, and Davis does a fine job of grasping their arrogance and venality. Here is one of his leading characters, CEO Adrian Martell ("sixty-something, six foot two, imperious, robust."), chillingly defining his wicked world: "Money is a mood altering drug. Once you're hooked it's forever. You can't kick it, there's no rehab, no Cashaholics Anonymous. You get the yen, then the yen gets you. Once addicted, always addicted."

--- Reviewed By Rick Kogan (Chicago Tribune - August 11, 2013)
Bottom Line - A Novel Written by Marc Davis
Published by The Permanent
©copyright 2013 Marc Davis