New Novel: Bottom Line by Marc Davis
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Published Nationally
Business and Medical
Skilled Interviewer
Investigative Reporter
National Publications:
Widely published nationally,
in print and online
Years of experience and expertise
in all aspects of business and
medical reporting and writing
Skilled interviewer of notable
public business and medical figures
Tenacious, in-depth investigative
journalist researcher
Experienced ghost writer –
autobiography, articles, speeches
Articles by Marc Davis on business,
finance, economics, investment,
legal issues and medical
breakthroughs have been widely
published in national print and online
media, including AdWeek, America
Online, Arthur Andersen,
Forbes Investopedia, The Harvard
Medical School Consumer Website,
The Journal of the American Bar
Association, Rodale Press, The
Rotarian, Writers Digest, and many
other publications.
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Arthur Andersen
American Bar Assoc.
Crain's Chicago Business
Johns Hopkins
Northwestern University
John Marshall Law
San Francisco Chronicle
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"Bottom Line," a new novel by Marc Davis,
now available from The Permanent Press, in
bookstores, and and the audio
version available at
Dirty Money book written by Marc Davis
Dirty Money book written by Marc Davis
GeorgeH. W. Bush book written by Marc Davis
Florence Nightingale book written by Marc Davis